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domestic installation » DAIKIN
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"Ururu Sarara" is the only and first split system ever with capable of complete ventilation with fresh air, complete control of relative humidity in the room and a powerful integrated air purification.

The modul consists air conditioner and humidifier, making the best combination for heating.  Humidification subsystem is built into the outdoor unit and effectively brought to 450 ml / h moisture, which is necessary for complete wetting of alarge living room. Unlike a standard moisturizers, DAIKIN don't use the water tank and it don't need water supply andtedious cleaning of limestone. "Ururu Sarara" uses a special moisturizing element that absorbs moisture from the outdoorair and transfers it in the room, when this is needed. This system's quality eliminate the risks of retention of bacteria anddevelopment of other microorganisms.

Daikin gets Good Design award for "Ururu Sarara" models.


- Sarara drying operation removes moisture from the air without lowering the temperature, keeping the indoor environment fresh and comfortable
- Large ventilation air volume: Ururu Sarara's fresh air supply ventilation function is powerful enough to completely replace the air in the room measuring approximately 26 min two hours


- Powerful fresh air supply ventilation method: two stage air prufifying process, involving both the outdoor and indoor units, rapidly introduces fresh air from outdoors into the room
- Swing compressur


Function Heating / Cooling
Suitable area m2 45
Capacity Heating kW 1.30~6.0~6.20
Cooling kW 1.55~5.0~5.50
Power consumption  Heating kW 0.23~1.51~1.77
Cooling kW 0.26~1.46~1.8
EER / COP - 3.42 / 3.97 
Electical power V/ Hz/ Ph 220-240 / 50 / 1
Energy label Cooling / Heating A / A
Maximum noise indoor unit dB 60
Dimensions outdoor unit mm 693 / 795 / 285
indoor unit mm 305 / 890 / 209